International Conference on Topology and Physics

-- In Memory of Xiao-Song Lin

July 26-31, 2007     Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University , Tianjin

Lecture Hall 215-216 Shiingshen Building

June 26     9:00am-10:00pm Registration at Jiayuan Hotel , Nankai University , Tianjin
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July 27     50th Birthday of Xiao-Song Lin



1. Welcome remarks of Weiping Zhang ( file )

2. Opening remarks of Boju Jiang ( .wmv )

3. DVD of XS Lin's life (ppt)

4. Kevin Lin on behalf of the family

5. Z Wang on Lin's math works ( pdf )

Chair: Molin Ge

10:00---10:50   HuaiDong Cao

Ricci flow on 3-manifolds

11:00---11:50   ShiCheng Wang

Topology and Dynamics around tame embeddings of solenoids of Riemannian mfds of - curvatune

Lunch   12:00---2:00pm


Chair: ZhengXu He

2:00---2:50   Chenspo Yue

Smooth rigidity at

3:00---3:50 Yizhi Huang

Representation theory of vertex operator algebras and knot and 3-manifold invariants


4:10---5:00   Dror Bar-natan

Following Lin: Expansions for Groups ( pdf )

5:10---6:00   Boju Jiang

A trace formula for the forcing relation of braids ( pdf )

Dinner 6:30---8:30

1. XS Lin in the memory of participants:   led by Feng Luo, and Thomas Au

2. Jian-pin He on behalf of the family

July 28      Sightseeing for all day

July 29  


Chair:   Bus Jaco

9:00---9:50 Kefeng Liu

String Duality and Moduli Spaces ( pdf )

10:00---10:50 Louis Kauffman ( UIC , USA )

q-deformed Spin Networks, Knot Invariants and Topological Quantum Computation ( pdf )


11:10---12:00 Hao Zheng   ( Zhongshan Univ. , China )

A geometric categorification of representations of U_q(sl_2)

Lunch 12:00---2:00


Chair: Weiping Zhang

2:00---2:50 Molin Ge (Chern Institute, China )

Entangled States,Yang-Baxter approach and   Berry 's Phase ( pdf )

3:00---3:50 Gyo Taek Jin

Quadrsecants of Konts ( pdf )


4:10---5:00 Weiping Li

Knots, knot invariants and Xiao-Song's Work ( pdf )

5:10---6:00 Dylan Thurston

Combinatorial Heegard Ploer Homslogy ( pdf )

July 30


Chair:   Shicheng   Wang

9:00---9:50 Weiping   Zhang

Real embeddings and Riemann-Roch for Dirac operators

10:00---10:50 Ruigfeng   Qiu

Stabilizations of Heegaard splittings


11:10---12:00 Xiaobo   Liu

Introduction to quantization of Teichmuller space

Lunch 12:00---2:00


Chair:   Kefeng Liu

2:00---2:50 Feng Luo

Milnor's conj on volume of Simplices

3:00---3:50   William Jaco

Ideal triangulations and edge-slopes


4:10---5:00 Peng Pan

On a proof of the Labastida-Marino-Ooguri-Vafa conjecture ( pdf )

5:10---6:00   Vassily Manturov

Additional gradings in Khovanov homology.

July 31


Chair: Zhenghan Wang

9:00---9:50 John Sullivan

Ropelength and Distortion of Knots ( pdf )

10:00---10:50 Xu Feng

Mirror extensions of Local Nets


11:10---12:00 Jason Cantarella ( University of Georgia , USA )

Inscribed polygons on closed curves in Riemannian manifolds

Lunch 12:00---2:00


Chair:   Feng Luo

2:00---2:50 Yisong Yang   ( Polytechnic University , USA )

Static Knot Energy, Hopf Charge, and Universal Growth Law ( pdf )

3:00---3:50 Yingqing Wu

Toroidal Dehn surgery

4:00---4:50 Nathan Habegger

Recollections of La Jolla , 1985-87