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Tianjin is the fourth largest city in China, located 120 km southeast of Beijing, metropolitan population 9-10 million. Tianjin is one of the commercial and industrial centers in mideast-northeast of China . It is also one of the educational centers in China and is the home of the two oldest and well-known universities in China Nankai University and Tianjin University . In recent years, Tianjin has taken great stride to modernize the city, commerce and industries. It is re-emerging as one of the dynamic and bustling metropolitan cities in China .

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Obtaining a Chinese Visa:

Foreign nationals would need a valid entry visa to enter the territory of China . You can obtain a Chinese visa at Chinese Consulates in your country of residence. In the United States , Chinese consulates are located in New York City , San Francisco , Houston , Chicago . Normally, a Google search will discover the Chinese Consulate in your country.


Travel Arrangements:

There are many travel agencies around the world specializing in travel to China . They offer deep discounted airfare to China via a dozen of airlines. Early booking is strongly encouraged given the increased travel volume in the summer. A good place to get you started is Google or Yahoo where you can find a long list of travel agencies featuring travel to China and Asia . Below is a list of travel agencies in the United States that have been offering deep discounted airfares to China over the years.

1. Imperial Travel ( atlanta ): 1-800-298-5535
2. FETI: 1-800-275-3384
3. Fly China ( Miami ): 561-477-7000. Fax: 561-477-7899
4. Haitian ( Chicago ) 1-800-621-4685, 312-326-3800
5. Go go China (NYC): 1-800-865-6221.
6. OrientationEtravel: Tel: 888-886-6789,

By air:

1. Fly into Tianjin airport.

Tianjin airport (TSN) has direct flights from major cities within Mainland China and Hong Kong . The ground transportation from Tianjin airport to Nankai campus and hotels, which are either on Nankai campus or in the vicinity of Nankai university, is diverse and convenient. Taxi is the best bet. It's about 40-minute taxi ride from the airport to Nankai campus. The fare is about 8Yuan + 1.6 Yuan per Km.

2. Fly into Beijing international airport.

It is much more convenient to fly to Beijing Capital airport (PEK) for participants from overseas. PEK is about 160km away from Nankai campus. The best way to arrive at Nankai campus from PEK is to take the airport shuttle from PEK to Tianjin (about $10 one way), which leaves from Capital Airport(No.11 Exit Parking Lot), and then take a taxi from the Tianjin shuttle station to Nankai (about $2). If you arrive in Beijing early and stay in the city for some time, hopping on one of the frequently run trains to Tianjin (about $5 one way) and then taking a taxi to Nankai (about $3).


By train

You can arrive at Tianjin by train from virtually anywhere in China . At the train station, you take a taxi to Nankai for about $3.

Advice: If you come from abroad, please have your currency exchanged before arrival or at the airport. The local transportation services only take Chinese Yuan (RMB). Of course, you can exchange for RMB at Bank of China anywhere in China . Please bring your passport when you make the exchange. Banks and their airport branches are the only legal money exchange authorities in China .