Weiping Zhang



Differential Geometry


Professor, Chern Institute of Mathematics

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Cheung-Kong Scholar of Ministry of Education

Fellow of Third World Academy of Sciences(TWAS)


Curriculum Vitae:

7.1985: bachelor degree, Dept. of Mathematics in Fudan University

7.1988: master degree,Institute of Mathematics,Chinese Academy of Sciences

4.1993: Ph.D degree,South University in Paris, French

9.1993 - 6.1995: associate professor, Nankai Institute of Mathematics

6.1995 - present: professor, Nankai Institute of Mathematics

1999 - present: Chengkong Scholar Professor,approved by the Ministry of Education

11.2000 - 2003: vice director, Nankai Institute of Mathematics

1.2004 - 2.2008: director, Chern (Nankai) Institute of Mathematics

Research interest:

Atiyah-Singer Index Thoery and its Applications


1. (with F. Han), Modular invariance, characteristic numbers and ¦Ç invariants. Preprint, Math.DG/0305289. J. Diff. Geom. (2004)

2. Circle actions and Z/k-manifolds, C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser.I, 337(2003), 57-60.

3. (with K. Liu, X. Ma), Rigidity and vanishing theorems in K-theory. Commum. Anal. Geom. 11(2003), 121-180.

4. (with Z. Tang), A generalization of the Atiyah-Dupont vector field theory, Commun. Contemp. Math. 4(2002), 777-796.

5. Heat kernels and the index theorems on even and odd dimensional manifolds, Proc. ICM2002, Vol. 2, 361¡ª369.

6. Lecture on Chern-Weil theory and Witten Dformations, World Scientific, Singapore , 2001.

7. (with K. Liu), Adiabatic limits and foliations, Contemp. Math. 279(2001), 195-208.

8. (with K. Liu, X. Ma), On elliptic genera and foliations. Math. Ers. Lett. 8(2001). 361-376.

9. (with X. Dai), Real embeddings and the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index theorem for Dirac operators. Asian J. Math., 2000 £¬ 4, 775-795.

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11. A counting formula for the Kervaire semi-characteristic. Topology 2000, 39, 643-655.


1. 1995, Outstangding Young Scholar Award, by Hongkong Qiushi Scientific and technological Foundation

2. Oct.2000, Third World Academy of Sciences Award for Mathematics

3. 2001, The First-Class Prize of Science and Technology of Chinese Universities

4. 2001, Cheung-Kong Scholar Award £¨First Class£©

5. 2001, one of the top ten Outstanding Youth in China

6. 2001, Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences

7. invited speaker in the International Congress of Mathematicians 2002.

8. 2003, The Chern Prize in Mathematics£¬ Chinese Mathematical Society

9£®National Award for Natural Sciences (Second class), the State Council of China, 2005

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Tel.:(86)022-2350 0760¡¡