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Research Members
Guoding Hu Molin Ge
Yiming Long Weiping Zhang
Chengming Bai Jingling Chen
Bill Chen Huitao Feng
Fangwei Fu Lei Fu
Chi-Keung Ng Chaofeng Zhu
Lecture Professor
Jinsong Huang
Xu-Jia Wang
Honghai Lv Yuanxiu Li
Xuezhong Zhang Feng Du
Lingyu Deng Guoping Feng
Jianling Guo Deling Hu
Hongqin Li Jun Li
Yuhan Ma Ning Lu
Yimei Tian Wen Xue
Yantao Zhang
Introduction to Theoretical Physics Division
The Theoretical Physics Division at Chern Institute of Mathematics (former Nankai Institute of Mathematics) was founded in 1986 by Professor Chen Ning Yang who was invited by Professor Shiing-Shen Chern to direct the research activity. The main research interest is mathematical physics and its applications in physics, including quantum intergrable systems, Yang-Mills field theory, Yang-Baxter system, quantum groups, algebraic structures of correlation systems, Yangian, knot theory and so on. There have ever held many conferences, such as certain International Conferences and Series of Workshop of Nankai Theoretical Physics (ten times), National Conference of New Development of Quantum Mechanics (four times). By now, 23 students have obtained their Ph. D. degrees from the Theoretical Physics Division. Some of them have obtained many awards respectively, like the National Award of Natural Science of China (second class) , the Award of Progress of Science and Technology of National Education Commission (first and second classes), National Distinguished Youth Foundation, Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education, Research Fund and Young Teacher's Award of Henry FOK Yin-tung Education Foundation, Chinese Excellent Young Scientists and some overseas Foundation such as CEEC Foundation (U.S.A.), Humboldt Foundation (Germany), JSPS (Japan) and so on. Most of them have become the core young theoretical physicists of China . At the same time, the Theoretical Physics Division pays attention to the international communication and has invited more than 100 famous scientists around the world like Professors M. Atiyah, F. Dyson, J. Wess, L. Faddeev and so on to visit, give talks and make cooperation. The Theoretical Physics Division also has the good research cooperation and communication with many universities in China , like Peking University , Fudan University and Chinese Academy of Science and so on. We have obtained the support and help from them and many scholars. Now, there are three professors, a Changjiang Visiting Professor (Antti Niemi) and more than 10 graduate students in the Theoretical Physics Division. We emphasis the training of fundamental physics and mathematics and do the research under an open and relax environment with the good communication and cooperation around the world.



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